Friday, January 26, 2007

Alec Baldwin on Six Sigma

At last. Six Sigma explained!

Is Quality Slipping at Toyota?

Does another Toyota recall signal slipping quality? Has Toyota grown too large? Nope. Here's an interesting link from Bloomberg's Doron Levin on the subject:

Has the most-admired, most-copied, most-studied and most- envied automaker of the past 20 years suddenly and disastrously lost its way? Most quality experts say no. Toyota has had recalls before, as have all automakers. In fact, the number of vehicles the company recalled in 2006 plunged from the year earlier.

Though Toyota's quality ratings have slipped from their once-lofty heights, they remain at or near the top of most scales of measurement. In the closely watched J.D. Power & Associates initial quality study for 2006, Toyota was rated No. 2, after Hyundai, for non-luxury brands. Among luxury brands, Toyota's Lexus was second, behind Porsche.

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