Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Reader Responds...

I seem to have struck a nerve with "The Death of Civility." Here's what one reader has to add:

Yep, civility is dead. I attribute it to the "special" factor as much as the other reasons you've listed. You know the "special" people--the self-anointed folks who don't have to wait in line in their cars, and feel free to drive up the "turn only" lane until the last minute, then cut you off (as you've sat through three or my cycles of the light)? The ones who blithely ignore the "10 items or less" rule in the grocery store, holding up 5 other customers with a few items each, all so that they didn't have to wait in the longer, non-express line themselves? The ones who push and bully their way to what they want, and others be damned? We all know these folks--and I work very hard not to BE one of these folks, every day.

They also see no reason to explain or apologize for their actions. Why should they? They're "special."

I couldn't have said it better myself.